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Zip Flying in Nepal


Zip flyer is one of the various adventurous activities in Nepal. Being a country with a varied landscape, Nepal is one of the major destinations in the world to experience adventurous activities such as trekking to the base of the world’s highest mountain i.e Everest Base Camp Trek, white water river rafting, paragliding, zip flying in Nepal and so on. Before descending into the plain lowlands, the high, sky-touching Himalayas is lowered down like a hill, forming a sloppy and thick green forest structure.

Adventure Sports in Nepal

The white and thick snow-covered mountain has been the major feature of Nepal which has been alluring most tourists to Nepal. Most tourist who comes to Nepal is either climbers or trekkers. Their admiration for these mountain resources is what makes us happy and grateful for the things that we have. These mountain ranges have only been a source of attraction to climbers or trekkers but also for the people who love to add adventure and thrill to their journey.

The paragliding in Pokhara or bungee jumping above the thriving Bhote Koshi River at the Tibetan border or zip flying in Nepal, the Himalayas of Nepal has really contributed to making Nepal an adventurous destination for many people.

Zip Flying in Nepal



Along with the various dangerous adventures and thrilling activities, zip flying in Nepal is one of the best adventures you can experience in Nepal. It simply pokes a child in you and is one of the fun activities you will ever get to do in your life.

The hills of Nepal are lowered down to form plains, so, you can possibly imagine the varied landscape of Nepal. While on a trip to the famous Manakamana temple, you must have traveled through one of the transportation systems in Nepal which is a cable car. You know how it feels to hang through a wire and transport from one place to the other.

But in a zip flyer, you won’t get a well-equipped box-like structure to be in and enjoy the whole view. The fact that there is no well-equipped box-like structure to make you feel so comfortable and safe is what makes the zip flyer an amazing adventurous activity to try on.

Zip Flying in Pokhara

In Nepal, you can enjoy the ride on a zip flyer in Pokhara. A ride of 1800 meters long that makes 1.8 kilometers has 2000 feet vertical drop that makes 600 meters. This ride lasts for 2 minutes and is not recommended for people who have back problems or neck problems or if they are pregnant. If you have the fear of height, then this ride is not for you to enjoy. If you have a true adrenaline rush then you can definitely try this ride. The weight limit for this ride is between 35 kilograms to 125 kilograms. The ride inclines 56 degrees and is the tallest, longest, and steepest zip line in the world.

This ride surely is going to be something you won’t get to experience when you go to other countries. As already said before, this ride is the longest and steepest ride in the world and you also won’t get to view all the vistas that make Nepal a beautiful country whenever you go to other countries. Imagine the butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps all over your body and the views that you are surrounded with. This makes you drool for this adventure. The total cost of this ride is dollars generally which makes 7800 Nepal rupees. This cost excludes the cost of video and photographs, food and drink, and souvenir shopping.

Safety Measures

The security of this ride is something to be assured of. The people who run this ride are among the greatest and most experienced masters in the world, trained to deal with extreme conditions and administer first aid. The security devices are made out of modern and highly technological devices.