Terms and Conditions

Note: Please read our terms and conditions very carefully.

Compulsory insurance requirement

We request to all the clients to have an appropriate travel insurance to cover travel arrangements. The insurance protection must most include medical expenses personal injury repetition expenses helicopter evaluation and loss damage.

We recommend that your travel insurance also must cover the trips cancellation, loss of luggage and damage of personal belonging.

Cancellation policies

If you cancel your trip for any reason then some booking cancellation fees will apply in case of cancellation of the trip then all deposited will refund after deducting the US $ 200 cancellation fees.
If you want to change your travel date, we can reschedule your tip at no extra charge. but you’ve to inform at least seven day 6 in advance Finally a cancellation will only be effective we receive written conformation through the mail and authentic reason.

Change of itinerary

While we endeavor the operation all trip as described reserve the right to change an itinerary due to the bad weather condition or any other local circumstances or events outside of our control. In such emergency circumstance the additional cost of any itinerary alteration will covered by the individual. Please note we are not responsible for and incidental expenses that may be incurred as a result of change of itinerary such as visa or non- refund flights.

Flight delay in domestic flights

Due to the hostile weather condition, the domestic flight from Kathmandu to lukla or vice versa may face the condition in case of flight cancellation or delay they have two option: charter a helicopter or direct travel from sallari by private jeep. If you choose the first option, you can charter a helicopter as it is still possible to land in low visible a helicopter will have seat for six persons and cost will be in dollar $2100 for 6-person group which one is approximately $350 each person.

Another option is by extending a trip for three days and travel from Kathmandu to sellari by private jeep normally the jeep carries 8 passengers and costs NPR 25000 per private jeep.

However, if flight delays at the beginning of your trip you do not want to take other options then you can choose an alternative trek to another trek’s same days as like your trip.

Deposited requirements

You’ll be required to pay a deposit amount of 10% of the total cost when Booking. When our consultant will advise you on how much that will be. All deposited are non-refundable for change of mind or cancellation made by you.

Payments terms

Payments may be made by visa cards, MasterCard, Bank transfer. Payments may be made with a maximum of the two transition either by credit cards or direct deposited If paying the initial deposited by bank transfer the bank transfer must be completed within 24 hours to prevent the booking being the canceled. Please kindly note that will be 3% sure charged if you made online credit cards payments. Failure to comply with these payment terms may result you’re in booking being cancelled by our company with no refund of any deposit paid.


All the trips costar shown in USD. If you are paying the online then your credit cards will determine the actual exchange rate If you are the paying the remaining balance in local currency. Then you will calculate the amounts of the basics of the current exchange rate.

Privacy policies

Our teams are fully committed to protected your personal information and agree to handle your personal information in accordance with our privacy policies be sure that the information provided by individual will not share or disclosed without individual consent.

Special requirements

Please communicate with our consultant or for online booking call +9779851036498 or +9779845155286. Also, you can contract regarding any special requirement you may have for your travel arrangements such as special meal and seating requests.


The nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility you should appreciate and allow for alternative. The route schedule itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events.

Solo travelers

We generally do not charge solo travelers any extra fees. Solo travelers can expect their own hotel room in Kathmandu but will need to share a room with group member during the treks If ability allows will arrange private room on the trek as well up on request. Solo travelers who are not joining of our group treks will be charged in extra per$15 a day6 for a porter. WE will inform you of the extra before your arrival in Nepal.

Early termination of a trek

It is sometime the case the trekkers finished ahead of schedule or they end as stopping a trek early of health or personal reason. If this is the case please understand that we do not offer any refund for unused days on the trek. Our costs are the same as we have an obligation to pay our guides and porters for the time, they have committed.

Passports and visa in Nepal

The following are applicable visa fees upon the interring the Nepal. Insure that you carry the founds with you before entering the country. A blank passport and passport size photos are also required for the application at the time of entry. We suggest you bring the photos with you although they can be obtained the arrival for a small fee.
Your passport needs to shavua list 6 months validity on the date you are the entering Nepal check as soon as you book your trek.

  • It’s no fun to figure this out at the last minute.
  • US dollars 25 or other convertible foreign currencies equivalent there to for 15 days.
  • US Dollars 40 or other convertible foreign currencies equivalent there to for 30 days.
  • US Dollar 100 or then continental foreign currency equivalent there to for 90 days.

Note: If you have more questions do not hesitate to us or you can ask with the Nepal visa officer site.

Refusal of service

We reserve right to refuse service in Kathmandu or on the treks. Fighting, heavy drinking, verbal abuse of other in the groups or of our guide or staff is unacceptable and is grounds for us to end our service any time please be respectful to our staff and to others trekkers in the group.

Health and Fitness

Before you set out to travel, it is the advice that clients check with the local hospital regarding your health and fitness since tour trek require a certain level of fitness in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan please notify Adventure White Himalaya of pre-exciting medical condition and or disability that may affect your ability to travel.

Note: Finally, do not forget to give tips for our guide and porter as much as your trip satisfaction normally 10 % of your total cost should be included as a tip.

Your satisfaction will be our top priority.