Why With Us

Your Best Destination For Your Holidays and Many More.

Adventure White Himalaya Treks is a trekking company that puts the clients first and foremost. Our belief is deeply rooted in promoting the tourism in Nepal, while providing a first class service along the way. From working in most aspects of tourism, our journey from the bottom, to a company with a dynamic and outstanding reputation. Therefore, if you are looking for the most memorable holiday of a lifetime in Nepal, we want Adventure White Himalaya Treks to be your first option.

Adventure White Himalaya Treks comprises of team members who are well conversant to all the trails and landscapes of this vast diverse country. Fused with a deep passion, years of expertise and attention to detail and your safety, we aim to make your Adventure a beautiful lifetime memory.

Safety is our Highest Priority.                                                           

Adventure white Himalaya Trek collect the personal information only that extend necessary to deliver the service product or information you or an agent or the passenger booking on your behalf

From guests, to our own personnel and every one in between, safety is our paramount concern. Our guides are well equipped and trained in first aid and are more than capable to deal with any problems that may occur along the way. In the case of an emergency, we can get you to the best medical care swiftly and we will ensure you reach your home country safely.

While travelling, our personnel, themselves check the standard of food before you eat it. Not only that, the kitchen where the food is being prepared is checked for cleanliness. Water is either boiled, filtered or packaged, coupled with oral rehydration salt you need not worry about the quality of drinking water on the go.

We inspect the Hotels and places you will be staying first hand, and you will also be reminded time to time to check your personal belongings are with you. All team members are insured. Born in the cradle of Himalayas, almost all of the AWHT Team have more than a decade of experience under their belt. Our in-depth knowledge of every trail, the terrain and landscape makes us a very valuable and essential companion when travelling to every corner of Nepal.     

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Well versed in responsible tourism, we take the utmost care of the quality of food you eat. Acclimatize you according to your own pace and have a defined procedure on things to do when taking shelter in the case of an emergency or bad weather. We have a hands on policy Team that are experienced in the area of conducting a well organized Adventure.

Nepal is ingrained in culture and tradition; we introduce our guests to all the local events in the way we ourselves have been familiar with over the years. You will be celebrating all festivities like a local while touring with us.

Social Causes.

Besides promoting tourism and operating a very responsible trekking business by booking with us you are supporting our social causes. We extend a helping hand to those in need, as part of our social responsibility. A portion of Adventure White Himalaya Treks (AWHT) profit goes to facilitating orphanages, homes for the elderly and helping people with disabilities. We provide study materials, tuition fees and admission fees to economically disadvantaged students. At our heart and soul, we are a community based company.

Experience and Knowledgeable Guide.

A seasoned trekking and climbing guide possesses a comprehensive skill set, encompassing physical fitness, technical proficiency in climbing techniques, navigation expertise, and a deep understanding of diverse terrains, flora, and fauna. Alongside cultivating cultural sensitivity and effective communication, they prioritize safety through thorough knowledge of first aid and emergency response protocols. Adept in equipment management and maintenance, these guides also lead with strong decision-making skills, adaptability to unexpected challenges, and a commitment to responsible tourism practices. Achieving excellence in customer service, they ensure client well-being while adhering to legal and permit requirements. Continuous learning and certification in wilderness first aid and outdoor leadership further bolster their expertise, establishing them as reliable stewards of both their clients’ experiences and the natural environments they traverse.

Friendly Porter

A friendly and exceptionally helpful porter, this individual goes beyond the call of duty to ensure a positive trekking experience. With a warm demeanor, they not only carry the load but also provide valuable assistance, offering guidance, sharing local insights, and readily lending a helping hand to fellow trekkers. Their approachable nature fosters a sense of camaraderie within the group, creating a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere. Whether it’s aiding with equipment, sharing stories, singing, this porter’s friendliness and helpfulness contribute significantly to the overall enjoyment and success of the trek.

Accredited Organisation. 

AWHT is a well accredited trekking company with the government of Nepal, established under the rules of the registrar office. We conduct ourselves legally, and all of our operations fall under PAN, VAT and the taxation system.

   We are recognized by Nepal Rastra Bank, TAAN and are part of their trekking information management system (TIMS), tourism board. Be at peace when you are travelling with us, things like exchange of money and obtaining permits to climb peaks and treks are no problem. Whether you are a guest or any other entity wanting to associate, AWHT is proud to be a law abiding company, and happy to render our services to you. We believe in fairness, transparency and respect.

Building Relationships.

Not only facilitating you in the things you expect, we are with you every step of the way. From pick up, to seeing you off at the airport we will assist you in whatever your requirements are to ensure you have an experience of a lifetime.

We endeavor to understand your every need, and create a friendly environment for you. Through our unparalleled dedication and personal service, we strive to create the 5-star experience you deserve.

Travel Vacation

Nepal is a land of diverse cultures, traditions and communities, we celebrate a wide variety of festivals. For your next trip we have come up with an exciting new travel vacation programme.

Dashain (September).

Dashain is one of the main festivals celebrated across Nepal. This festival symbolizes the good being triumph over evil, and of families coming together. During the five days of Dashain you can stay with us to experience the authentic Nepali culture amongst the local people.

After celebrating Dashain we can commence your planned trip to your destination, or you can also just come for Dashain. Whether you come to celebrate this festival with us, or your planned trip falls within this time, you will be more than welcome to join us and our family.

The festivities start at Fulpati, from there we start preparing for the days to come. Wearing new clothes and sharing meals with extended family is the norm. During this time, we invite you to our homes and you will receive blessings from the elders in the form of tika as we do.

As new family member in our homes, you will experience the serenity of the countryside. Being surrounded by loved ones in the calm of the greenery, vivid scenery and nature. You will forget all your worries and breath in the air of celebration as the locals do.

Tihar (September)

Tihar is the second biggest festival in Nepal celebrated to honour the bonds between brothers and sisters, also the animals living beside us. We pay our respect to crows, dogs and cows during these days. Finally, on the last day, we exchange tika, garlands made of flowers, and gifts according to Hindu culture. You can form the eternal bond of brothers and sisters for life with our family members.

The festival fills your senses with warmth and we help you to adapt to local customs as well. Light plays a key role as we light up our homes and set off fireworks. You get the opportunity to dress up in traditional Nepali attire and to take part in local traditions. We go around door to door, rejoicing and sharing the joyous feeling through singing and dancing in front of the family members of the host.

If your trip dates coincide with the dates of Tihar you are welcome to simply join us for our festivities or follow on to a further activity or destination when the celebrations end.

Holi (September).

This festival of colour is celebrated in both hilly and terai regions. We have placed this tour vacation before going to the destination of your choice. The festivities are displayed best in Kathmandu, Thamel – Basantapur. You can see locals dressed in white attire to take part in Holi with loved ones and friends, we at AWHT also organise a programme for Holi where you can join in the festivities.

You will be taken to Thamel after arrival and then welcomed into our homes to celebrate, away from the commercial hustle and bustle of the city. In the spirit of goodwill friends and family members play with coloured water using water pistols and balloons for a cooling fun filled experience of which you will be able to partake.

Vendors line the street selling coloured powder which people throw over each other. Every colour of the spectrum can be seen. Holi which marks the beginning of spring is an extremely fun experience which is enjoyed with elation by both local people and visitors.

Nepali New Year (April).

 This day symbolises the beginning of new possibilities in the Nepali culture., We start the day by wearing new clothes and wishing loved ones a very happy new year. Places like Thamel and Durbarmarg, are especially festive, thriving with lots of concerts and events and street food.