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Nepali Custom and Etiquette: How Do Nepal People Greet?


NEPAL, a land full of cultural diversity and tradition carries history if its own. Been the oldest country in east Asia, Nepal has many historical stories to tell and to be explore. A land which is serving as a home to 126 different ethnicities, each of them representing their own culture. 80% of the total population of Nepal has been occupied by the Hinduism. That is why most of the tradition here are related t Hinduism while Buddhism is in the second position. A holy and where Lord Gautama Buddha was born. A place where the message of peace and togetherness originated. The birthplace of a Hindu deity goddess Sita.

Having a vast cultural difference even in such a small country is what Nepal is known for. There still is peace and feeling of respect for one another’s religion. We have never hold a history of fight or conflicts in the name of religion. This land is a secular state and everyone has a right to live a life of his own.

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Culture and Tradition of Nepal
As I have already said that, Nepal is a secular country but most of the population in fact 80% of the total population of Nepal follows Hinduism. The tradition, culture, custom is mostly represented by Hinduism. Even in that Hinduism, we have been divided into sub groups, caste and ethnic group. Each of us has a unique set of tradition in Nepal. The Newari people has some amazing tradition which will surprise you in a beautiful way. Amongst the various other culture, Newari people make their daughter to marry with a fruit which is called “Bel”. The daughter were the attire like a bride and marries to the bel. Gai jatra is also a famous festival celebrated by them. It is usually celebrated by those Newari people who had lost their loved one in that year. They dress weird and try make other laugh. This tradition was initiated by Pratap Malla who wanted make his queen realize about the number of people who died in a year. The queen actually was sad and depressed after the death of her beloved son and this is what Pratap Malla did to cheer her up.

Food and Tradition Of Nepal
Many traditional or the cultural stuff that Hindus follow in Nepal, might fascinate you. be the traditional costume they wear or a traditional food they have, or any sort of festival they celebrate, it is very unique and is a fun experience to becomes more of a fun when you actually participate in one of those. The national costume of Nepal is Dhoti Cholo for females and Daura Suruwal for men. Other than the national costume, many ethnic groups have their own for of traditional attire which makes the look really gorgeous and appealing. The cuisines made by those ethnic groups are also something you can try when you come to Nepal. These cuisines have their own place of origin even in Nepal and they add a different flavor in your of them is the Newari cuisine. The Chatamari, Bara, Choila are the major cuisines you can try. One of my personal favorite is choila which is simple a barbequed meat but then some spices are added to it. The Bara is made from the lentils and can be mixed with some eggs as well. The typical Dal Bhat Tarkari is the source of food and energy to most of the people of Nepal. The Momos are equally famous. You can try them in different forms and flavors.


Before coming to Nepal, you must learn some of the etiquettes too. If you ever get invited to a Nepal house, make sure you leave your shoes outside. Wearing shoes in the house is believed to be manner less and especially in kitchen, you cannot use slippers. Other than this, make sure that you do not wear very revealing clothes. Though many people are forward and do not mind seeing you that way but I cannot guarantee about the judgement others are going to pass at you.

One of the main problem while travelling to a different location is communication problem. Most of the people nowadays are educated and they know English very well. But when you move towards the remote places it is going to be hard for you to communicate with people. As most of the people come to Nepal with the vision to climb the Everest base camp, you should learn some basic language so that it will help you to communicate with your porters and guide.


One of the famous way to greet someone in Nepal is by saying NAMASTE. It is usually said to say hello and goodbye to people around here. For doing a Namaste, you have to join your two palms, bow your head, close your eyes and it is how you do it. In the traditional way, the definition of Namaste is much interesting. ‘NAMA’ means bow, ‘AS’ means I AND ‘TE’ means you which means I bow to you. In the spiritual understanding, Namaste is done to acknowledgement of soul in one by the soul in another. The yoga gurus believe that there is a divine spirit in us and doing Namaste helps us to surrender our mind to the divine in us. This helps to increase the heart flow of divine love.