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Nepal and Nepali People

What are the things you consider while travelling to a certain place..?? – cost of travel, best season to travel and safety. RIGHT?? Nepal has always been the choice for the people who actually know the value of nature and travel. Being a country which an ultimate package for travelers. Be it adventure, nature, spirituality, peace or architecture, Nepal has always been able to top the boards. But what about the people living here..??…Well Nepalese people are the most beautiful, welcoming and most friendly nationality, you will ever meet in your life.

Nepal: Country of Gorkhalis


Nepal is the oldest country in the Asia continent. It has a huge treasure of about the initiation of human civilization, many mythological stories and its vast history. Nepal is known to be the country of brave Gorkhalis. Nepal has never initiated any form of wars but when the east India company- British tried to conquer it, the brave Gorkhalis and our great martyred forefathers had stood for our country. I had always been writing as a travel blogger but writing about the brave Gorkhalis is a privilege to me and it gives me immense pleasure to say this.

Nepal and Nepali People: Unity In Diversity



Nepal and Nepali people have always portrayed unity in diversity. Being a secular state, Nepal has numbers of religion and 126 ethnic groups. Each of them have their unique set of custom, tradition and culture. Be it the costumes or traditions or festivals that we celebrate, there is a wide range of variety in that too. There used to be discrimination between the then called lower caste and the upper caste but now people have become more aware about equity. If you ever get to Nepal, all you will see is brotherhood and unity.

Nepali people have time and again the importance of togetherness. Being divided into the three regions- Himalayan, hilly and terrai, we Nepali people believe that we all are same. A Muslim donated blood to a Hindu, a Hindu brings Christmas tree to his house, a Buddhist saves a Muslim in earthquake while Christian funds the education of a Hindu’s child. This is how Nepali people are.

Not only between the Nepali, and we people are equally welcoming to the group of people who admires the beauty of our country and enjoys to be indulged in our culture and custom. People are kind and have big hearts. People are extremely friendly and are respectful towards the nationalities of the other country. If they are celebrating the festival of color- Holi they will make sure that you celebrate it too. If they are carrying the chariot in the famous local festival in Kathmandu-Rato Machindranath, they will make sure that you are carrying it too.


Being a teenager girl, I often get questioned about the torn jeans that I wear. I remember while I was walking across the Basantapur durbar area with my grandfather, we saw two beautiful Americans wearing the traditional kurta- Surwal and he told me about the importance of our culture and how to respect it. They looked absolutely gorgeous while wearing that kurta and it really made us so happy to see them that way. You will be treated like you are treated in your home when you get here.

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