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Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park


Adventure does not really have to be dangerous or something you need to have guts for. You still can go on an adventurous journey where you get to explore one of the best thing you could have possibly experienced in your life. Not only mountains but the national parks are located in Nepal has a wide range of biodiverse flora and fauna some of which are the rarest species to encounter on this planet. Especially when it comes to the wildlife photographers and jungle safari, the national parks of Nepal are a go to destination.


Nepal has a wide range of adventurous stuffs and activities to explore. Its massive mountains, thick forest and diversifies landscape is what makes it a land full of adventures to try on. It is simply an amazing thing to know that a small country has so many things to offer. Travel sometimes tend to make you modest, it makes you realize who you are, how you should have been living and what you were missing all your life.

Be it jumping from a famous hill and fly like a bird above the sky of a beautiful city pokhara, be it hanging in between a swiftly flowing rivers and a suspension bridge in Bhote Koshi rivers, be it jumping from a plane above the highest peak in the world or viewing the beautiful scenario of the mountains, hills and lakes in Pokhara, Nepal has a big basket of adventures to experience and explore. You might have not though of living a life which you live when you are travelling in this country. you simply start regretting about why you never came to this place before and thank god that you are finally here otherwise you would have died without even experiencing and seeing the things you should have seen in your life.



Other than the mountains and lakes, Nepal has a thick forest which consists of wide range of ecosystem and diversifies floral and faunal features. There are ten different national parks in Nepal, each of them serving as a home to some of the rarest species in Nepal. the Sagarmatha national park has the highest mountain peak in its territory, the Langtang national park has a holy and a sacred pond in its territory, the Bardiya national park is a home to one of the wildest creature on this planet- tiger, the Shivapuri Nagarjun has been protecting the very capital city of this small country, the Rara national park has the beautiful landscape of one of the remote places of this country, the Shey Phoksunda national park has a famous Ramsar announced lake in it while the very famous Chitwan national park is home to some of the rarest species on this planet –one horned rhinoceros and the royal Bengal tiger.


Chitwan National Park

Though you can still enjoy the feel of jungle safari in the other nine national parks of Nepal but still people prefer Jungle Safari in Chitwan national park over all of them. The vast jungle which I surrounded by the Tharu community and the most beautiful floral and faunal features is what has made Chitwan national park, a destination for all the animal loving people.

Situated In the southern lowlands of Nepal, Chitwan national park is one of the UNESCO world heritage site present in Nepal and was the first national park ever declared in the country. In the area of 952.63 kilometers square, the Chitwan national park has been a home to a wide variety of fauna, mammals and birds. The Narayani-Rapti River forms a natural territory with the human civilization in Chitwan, giving the wild animals their own space and suitable habitat.

The grassland is an alluvial grassland and the forest is a subtropical moist deciduous forest. The fauna likes king cobra, python, monitor lizards, wild gharials are abundantly found in the Chitwan national park. Mammals like clouded leopard, sloth bear, four horned antelope, one horned rhinoceros, the king of jungle- Bengal tiger, Bengal foxes .the whole mammals, fauna and birds are accumulated to form a total of 700 species of wildlife in this national park. You can enjoy the feel of jungle safari watching at these amazing wildlife, sitting on the elephant where your security is assured and fun is going to be unlimited.