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Beginners guides

Is Mardi Himal trek Suitable for beginners?

Beginners guides

The Mardi Himal walk is ideal for beginners. If you are new to trekking and are unsure where to start, hire beginners guides for the Mardi Himal base camp hike. It can be quite useful for learning about cultural sightseeing and wildlife observation. We should decide will need a taking guide or not for these trails. They are based on altitude sickness, physical fitness, and other factors. This is a moderate-level journey in terms of difficulty. This trail does not require appropriate training. But there are some hilly sections along the way. if you are a first-time trekker, you should start with cardiovascular activity for 3-5 weeks. This walk area is covered with little tea houses and lodges. Beginners and children can enjoy it without difficulty. It’s both a mental and physical trip. Mardi Himal is located in the Annapurna area of Nepal. The greatest elevation is 4500 meters, thus the temperature is pleasant compared to the remaining region. This is a short and easy trek, so the possibility of altitude sickness is minor. The key factors of the suitability of beginners guides are as follows:


Location and Geography:

The location of the Mardi Himal is east of Modi Khola and west of the Machhapuchre Himal. The east-south side is Annapurna Base Camp. These trails start at Pokhara, the highest altitude of this trek is 4500 meters. This is a short and sweet trek that is suitable for beginners as well as children based on the location and geography of the Mardi Himal trekking.

Trail Difficulty:

The obstacles depend on your physical level, hiking experience, and weather conditions. These are moderate-level trails. In this hike, if you walk 4-6 hours every day, you will encounter an uphill section. Finally, the Mardi Himal trek is not as difficult. To climb and descend the difficult terrain, you must be physically strong and have more practice, finally, after enduring numerous difficulties. When you get to Mardi base camp, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the Annapurna region between sunrise and sunset.


The greatest elevation is 4500 meters, therefore the temperature is pleasant in comparison to the rest of the region. This is a short and easy hike, therefore the risks of getting altitude sickness are low. The temperature varies according to the seasons. You can reduce if you focus on being hydrated, eating well, packing altitude sickness medication, and going for a morning stroll. In emergency cases, the expert team applies the preventive strategy and the fast response protocol.


This is a 5-10 days short trek. This time is suitable for beginners, providing a brief but immersive trekking experience compared to longer treks such as the Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp. Financial wise is also suitable for beginners based on route and duration. The route of Mardi Himal is very convenient for everyone, so you can reach it by local bus or private taxi and share jeep if you are convinced.

Tips for Beginners Guides

The Mardi Himal Trekking is a wonderful way to explore nature and see stunning views of the greeny Himalayas in the Annapurna region. During trekking time we will face many challenges and difficulties for the beginner guides. The tips are as follows below which help to enjoy and comfortable journey on this trail.

Gradual Acclimatization:

Follow the “climb high, sleep low” technique to assist your body adjust to the altitude. This region has a low chance of altitude sickness. After research, you feel uncomfortable about the uphill section. You should join the training for the Mardi Himal Trek. The training resulted in improved acclimatization, increased endurance and stamina, and better physical preparedness.

Hydration and Nutrition:

To keep your energy levels stable, drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods. Bring some high-energy snacks for the journey. Increasing physical stamina for the Mardi Himal trip. It necessitates a program that includes cardiovascular preparation, strength training, flexibility exercises, and a healthy diet and fruit.

Proper Gear:

If you want to enjoy, stay safe, and feel comfortable on your voyage, you must have the necessary equipment. The luggage weight for the Manaslu trek package varies depending on personal preference, route distance, and trek duration. You take the necessary trekking equipment likewise, comfortable hiking boots, benefits clothing, a Headlamp, and a Backpack. This one is also another necessary pharmacy gear for Painkillers, Antibiotics, and First Aid Kit.

Guides and Porters:

You can decide to hire a local guide and porter who can make the trails more relaxing and easier. If you have a guide, they will assist with accommodation and food which you can afford. The guide knows about the facts of the locality so they inform or explain every cultural function of heritage places to the trekker. They help to know about the facts of every route.

Listen to your body:

Take your time for your body how to feel and do not have any heritage if you have signs of altitude sickness. The priority is” Healthy and Safety” must be needed. You have an available guide team so in an emergency, the expert team follows the preventive technique, the rapid reaction protocol, and evacuation support as needed, as well as managing the emergency helicopter service with competence.